My Story

My 16 years of sales and marketing experience started in retail sales at a bed shop, I then jumped to B2B exporting sales through the North Pacific Island, next came radio advertising sales, I then shifted gears and went into the fitness industry which lead me to commercial relationship management of some of Australia’s most well known fitness brands.

On top of this I have been a photographer/videographer for 10 years and I’ve studied marketing and digital marketing.

All of the above skills and experience have given me an understanding and perspective of many different levels of sales and marketing. Knowing how customers view and interact with business be it B2B, B2C or B2B2C.

My skill set also allows me to work with you on everything from your business and marketing plans, to your content creation and your digital marketing implementation, ensuring a deeper understanding and execution across the board without having to outsource the photography or videography for example.

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